Our latest projects:

Illogika's next original game title. The 3D game for PC, Subaeria, is the first original title of studios Illogika. Currently in development, this game takes several elements from the roguelike genre and features story-driven gameplay. It will immerse the player in a futuristic dystopia where water levels have risen drastically. Through the lives of various characters, each belonging to a different social class, the player will progress into a complex world, governed by powerful multinationals, political trickery and injustice. The player will require brains, not brawn, in order to survive and defeat his enemies. The game was financed with the help of the Canada Media Fund and should be released mid-2015.
Illogika was in charge of the Amazon Appstore port for Hitman GO. Developed by Square Enix Montréal, Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. Players will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies, take out their target or infiltrate well-guarded locations. They will have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade are included: disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even Agent 47's iconic Silverballers.